Date - Time Opponent Stream
SEVEN.GG 16.01.20 - 21:00 CET no cap NO CAP TBA ESLM
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Founded with passion by players

SEVEN.GG is a German esport organization founded by players, for players. We not only want to give our best in the competition, but also to communicate our lifestyle and our passion. Our team represents SEVEN.GG on the server and on social channels like Twitch Twitter and Instagram! If you want to be a partner on our trip, just send us an email!

Steffen 'JSn' Jaser

Janik 'uN1' Bantel

Julian 'speicheR' Speicher

Lars 'slize' Laue

Tobi 'chuuuda'


If you have any questions or are interested in a partnership, just write us an email!